History of «Krasny Octiabr – Neva»

Красный Октябрь-Нева

JSC «Krasny Octiabr – NEVA» is a subsidiary of the renowned Russian aviation equipment manufacturer – OJSC «Krasny Octiabr»,  established in 1891 in Saint Petersburg.

JSC «Krasny Octiabr – NEVA» is the leading Russian manufacturer of small agricultural equipment in Russia. Under the «Mototekhnika NEVA» walk-behind tractors and tillers with engines from the leading global producers – «Briggs&Stratton», «Honda», «Subaru», «Yamaha» are manufactured.

JSC «Krasny Octiabr – NEVA» sales network includes 150 companies throughout Russia. «Mototekhnika NEVA» trade network consists of over 250 dealers and of over 150 service centers in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Bulgaria and Moldova.

Baltic Commerce Group SIA (Latvia) is the agent of JSC «Krasny Octiabr – NEVA» on the EU territory.

Quality management system of JSC «Krasny Octiabr – NEVA» complies with ISO 9001:2008 requirements. All the products of «Mototekhnika NEVA» are certified to meet European safety requirements and have the CE mark.

JSC «Krasny Octiabr – NEVA» history highlights

  •     1891 – manufacturing of chandeliers, wall and desk lamps at the electrical engineering plant of «V. Savelyev and Co»
  •     1925 – manufacturing of street lighting lamps
  •     1927 – merger with the factory of «Russian Renault». The new name «Handling machinery plant»
  •     1930 – manufacturing of the first Soviet motorcycles «L-300», engines, gear boxes, and spare parts for the tractors «Fordson-Putilovets»
  •     1938 – manufacturing of the new motorcycles «L-8» with four-cycle overhead valve engine having a capacity of 13.5 hp and making 120 km/h
  •     1956 – manufacturing of small-displacement engines with the displacement up to 50 cm3
  •     1959 – launching of small engines in Borovichi
  •     1974 – manufacturing of the 5-millionth small-displacement engine
  •     1982 – manufacturing of the 8-millionth small-displacement engine
  •     1984 – manufacturing of the first walk-behind tractor«Neva»
  •     1990 – expanding the range of walk-behind tractors«Neva»
  •     2002 – launching the subsidiary JSC «Krasny Octiabr – Neva»
  •     2009-2013 – «One hundred of Russia’s best products» award
  •     2013 – Saint Petersburg Government first prize for quality award